Color Consulting

Your own personalized custom Color Profile is a valuable tool to help you make clothing and makeup choices that are best for you. It is especially important after the age of fifty to re-examine your colors. Our colors change as we age, and the colors that used to look good may not work anymore. This two-hour individual consultation is a great investment in yourself.

The first half-hour of the consultation is a makeup lesson. The Private Label makeup that Ann uses enhances your coloring, resulting in a natural look. Your color palette is based on your individual coloring and is not a seasonal approach. Your palette is selected from 1200 color fabric samples of varying hues, values and intensity. After the colors are chosen, your neutrals, design motifs, and best styles for hair and clothing and figure proportion will be explained.

Wardrobe Building

Knowing how to build a wardrobe rather than just purchasing mismatched clothes is a passion for Ann. Her focus is that everything in your wardrobe should coordinate and be complete- no missing parts or “orphans”. She outlines how to accomplish this with step by sept instructions during a closet evaluation.

We know that as we age both our coloring changes and our clothing needs change. Figuring out what to wear and what looks good can be confusing. Ann’s approach is to go back to basics, analyze your colors, figure out your wardrobe needs, draw up a plan and focus on how you can present your best self.

She is available for closet consultations and one on one wardrobe sessions. Email for more information.


Glasses Selection

Ann is available to help you select the perfect eyeglass frames that will complement your coloring and fit your facial features. She takes the stress out of finding the shape that will flatter and work for you and your life style!